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Grant Requests


The Grand Terrace Lions Club has set up a GRANT system to help the students of the Grand Terrace High School. Twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, a request for a grant can be submitted for financial assistance. An organization may receive one grant per 12 month period. Your application must be completed and submitted before the deadline.


Deadline: Spring 2017 Grant Cycle opens TBD

Email completed applications or questions to




The Grand Terrace Lions Club will be awarding $1,000 in scholarships


Students from the Grand Terrace High School Class of 2017 may apply for the scholarships.


Click HERE to download the application. 


Return your completed application by Friday, TBD, 2017. Please email to:


Applicants applying for the Grand Terrace Lions Club College Scholarship must meet the following requirements. 

  1. Minimum GPA OF 3.0

  2. Must be Grand Terrace Resident

  3. Must complete the application form

  4. Must submit proof of community service

  5. Graduating senior class – High School


Scholarships awarded will be paid directly to the college/university institution the recipient is attending.  For reasons, any of the scholarship recipient(s) do not use their scholarship funds they will be applied to the following year’s scholarship.

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